DeleteFile call from Fortran DLL

DeleteFile call from Fortran DLL

I have a Kernel32:DeleteFile call in the midst of a loop with FindNextFile, ect. This is in a Fortran DLL called by VB in Windows 2000. The files are found and deleted just fine, but for each DeleteFile call a cmd.exe window flashes onto the screen.

How can I get rid of these?

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Interesting - I've never seen that behavior. I'm guessing there's something on your system monitoring deletes, though it does seem odd....


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My bad. Well, partially. This was a file-management issue where an older object file was compiled, and the newer Fortran did not prompt the recompile.

The DeleteFile works just fine without any CMD.EXE windows coming up.

The other issue is from Compaq Fortran's interface with Visual Source Safe. I'll log this as a new issue.

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