Aligned data in Common blocks

Aligned data in Common blocks

I wish to keep this data in the same order, since I read the entire structure in in one READ statement. As far as I can tell, this should be naturally aligned, but I get a warning message every time I compile it:

type piece
character*84 descr
integer(1) nrot
logical flip
integer(1) xlim
integer(1) ylim
integer(1) rot(4)
integer(1) x(5)
integer(1) y(5)
end type piece

Since all of the above are of length 1 byte, I don't understand why there should be any unaligned items. But in case there are, how can I insert dummy items in the above sequence without disrupting the order of the READ statement? I had to put the SEQUENCE statement in there, otherwise it won't compile at all.

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Component flip is four bytes. You probably want logical(1) there.

You can ask the compiler to insert alignment padding in sequenced structures through the /align:sequence option, but I think fixing the declaration of flip is really the solution you want.


Steve - Intel Developer Support

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