Client/server with Fortran

Client/server with Fortran

Can anyone help me to get started on what I hope is a simple client/server application on the Internet?
I have Microsoft Development Studio and Digital
(->Compaq->Intel) Visual Fortran and would like to implement in that language and avoid going to C/C++ if I can. I am hoping that my application is so simple that those products can cope.

The application is to include:
A single server on the Internet which accepts connects from clients.
Many clients elsewhere on the Internet which send a connect to the server and then just passively receive an ASCII data stream from the server until it ends.
The data rate is very low (about 1000 bits per second), the data can be broken up into small records (80 characters or less),
the connect time is long (one hour or more) and
the number of clients which might simultaneously want to connect is large (perhaps thousands).
So, other than the client sending the occasional character to say it is still operating (if the Internet requires this, my server design wouldn't), all the traffic is from the server to the clients and
THE DATA IS THE SAME FOR ALL CLIENTS. So it can be compared with television, where you (a client)
connect to a channel (the server) and receive a data stream which the client interprets and displays on the screen which you passively watch without any interaction.

So I need to write a program for the server and a program for the client, the latter needing to run under
Windows 95 or compatible.

I?ve written plenty of Fortran but nothing that communicates over the Internet. If I produce
anything, then it would probably only be a demonstration system. I say that in case someone suggests that Fortran is not ideal for client/server. A production system could very well be in a more appropriate language but it would be written by someone who has appropriate experience.
I don?t, and the learning curve looks steep for me.

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I'd probably go the same way if I were you... of course, you have to be versatile enough in C/C++ and Windows API to have the ability to mentally translate it to Fortran.

Well, see I bookmarked it long time ago, but never had the opportunity to try something of it. Looks as if it will provide you enough info to get it rolling (of course, it's in C -- I hope you weren't too enthusiastic that you'll find Fortran). (I think you'll need CVF 6.6 or newer, since earlier versions didn't have Winsock2 interfaces). Good luck.


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