Text not displaying in QuickWin application

Text not displaying in QuickWin application

I have a VB6 program which calls a QuickWin application, in which text scrolls up the screen (mimicking a DOS application).

I tried to run the program - without having made any alterations or recompiling since last running it successfully - and the QuickWin window is displayed, but no text is displayed in it. The QuickWin application still runs, as output files it creates are still created.

Perhaps the problem is due to some other application or changes to Windows settings since I last used the program?

I am using Win98, VB6 and Digital Visual Fortran 5.0A. Has anyone any suggestions, please!!!

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Download and install the DVF 5.0D update. That will (I'm almost certain) fix the problem, which has to do with the color depth of your display.

Please note that DVF 5.0A is going on six years old. The current version is 6.6B.


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The upgrade to 5.0D did the trick! I'm extremely grateful for your help.

Many thanks


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