Intel Fortran Dll not running on another computer

Intel Fortran Dll not running on another computer


Im using the Intel Fortran with Visual C++ 6. I created a DLL project mixing C++ and Fortran, exporting some functions. After several days studying the manuals and frequently questions in this forum, finally the project runs in my machine (computer) where have installed the Intel Fortran (hard work).

I created an VB-Excel example calling the DLL, and works perfectly in my machine.

BUT, when I copied the files to my laptop that doesnt have Intel Fortran, the VB-Excel Example doesnt work. It doesnt find the DLL. I am sure that DLL path is correct.

Trying to understand this problem, I create in my machine another Visual C++ 6 project, but this time a console application that calls my Intel Fortran DLL (mixed with C). Again, it runs perfectly in my computer, but not in my laptop. This time, it doesnt find the DLL but not my DLL: from Intel. I got all dlls (from Intel files in IA32Lib) and put in the directory in my laptop, with VB-Excel example, my Intel Fotran DLL and my console application (that calls my dll). This time, the console application works, but not the Excel. My computer uses Windows XP, and my Laptop uses Windows 2000.

My actual directives is: /O2 /W1 /GB /4I4 /4Na /Ob0 /4L72 /Quppercase /Qpc64 /4Nb /MD /Qdps.

SO, my questions is:
(1) What Intel DLLs, like , I have to copy to another computer?
(2) IA32 or IA64?
(3) Can I avoid copy these possible DLLs, putting some directives in my project?
(4) Or my laptop NEED to install Intel Fortran, too?
(5) My directives are correct?

I believe these are common questions between developers and programmers.


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I guess you need to read this (Q1023 - DLL not found (VB run-time error 48) article. Here is link to KB.


Sorry, I missed you're talking about Intel F.

Here's a list of DLLs typically used by Intel Fortran code linked against the DLL libraries:

MSVCR70 (if VS.NET installed)

This list is likely to change in Intel Visual Fortran. Unlike for CVF, there is not currently a "redistributables" kit - creating one is on our list of things to do.


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Thank you very much...

I think that it was a much more difficult problem...


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