use dfwin gives a compilation error

use dfwin gives a compilation error

I try to compile my old CVF6.6 source code. But I always get an error message on USE DFWIN
"This is not a DEC Fortran module file [DFWIN]"

INTEGER FUNCTION mrqcof(hWnd, ... )
--> USE dfwin

What's wrong???

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Based on the symptom, I'm going to make the following guesses:

1. You have installed Intel Fortran.
2. You're trying to compile using CVF (whether you think you are or not, you are.)

The problem is this - installing Intel Fortran, even if you say no to integration with Visual Studio 6, inserts the INCLUDE and LIB paths for Intel Fortran ahead of the CVF paths, for both the command line and Developer Studio. CVF is finding the Intel Fortran DFWIN.MOD, which is incompatible with CVF.

To fix this - in Developer Studio (the CVF version), select Tools..Options..Directories. In the various directory types (Include, Library, Executable), delete the Intel Fortran directories from the lists.

That should take care of it. Note that you cannot have Intel Fortran using the Visual Studio 6 IDE when CVF is also installed - the two will conflict. You can use Intel Fortran from the command line, or in Visual Studio.NET, if you have it.


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Thanx, I got it

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