Where do I go from CVF V6.1?

Where do I go from CVF V6.1?

[pre] I currently use CVF Version 6.1. I use the Resource Editor
to construct icons and Dialog Boxes. Although there is a "picture"
tool on the dialog box toolbar, it only transfers the outline of a
square to the dialog when dragged. How do I get the picture in
the dialog box? It occurred to me that 6.1 might have bugs in this
area and it raises the question of whether or not I should upgrade
to CVF V6.6 and later to either intel Fortran V7.0 or, when available,
Visual Fortran. Or, perhaps, I should go directly to intel Fortran V7.0
now. Would 7.0 support my use of the icons and dialog boxes created
with the Resource Editor in CVF V6.1? [/pre]

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The resource editor is part of MS Developer Studio - I'm not aware of any bugs like this, but I'm not an expert in the use of the resource editor. I know others here are and will probably respond.

Intel Fortran 7 doesn't have any dialog box support - you could use the resource editor in Developer Studio, but then you'd be on your own to interface directly to the Win32 API.


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