Include files in Visual Fortran

Include files in Visual Fortran


Our code has this structure : a main created as a Console Fortran project and some folders created as Static Fortran Libraries project depending on the main. At the moment the include files necessary to each library have been added with : Tools, Options, Directories : show directories for include files. But this way doesn't respect the configuration of our code : each library must have its own include files paths and only those, it can't access the include files paths of an other library.
We doesn't want to have the include files paths in a general context (Tools is for all the workspace) but only project by project.

How can I give for each library its own include files paths (without the others libraries being able to have this access) ?

thank you

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Project Settings/Fotran/Preprocessor/Include and use paths. (Separate new entries with commas or semicolons).

I don't have access on the menu to
Project Settings/Fortran/Preprocessor/Include and use paths, I just have

Project, Settings, Fortran : Predefined preprocessor symbols

and if I write here my path include files it doesn't work.

It's "Preprocessor" category (on the combo box).

Well, I agree that Project Settings dialog is rather hard to navigate. How nicer it would be if it had an additional tree view with categories and subcategories! Alas, this is not under CVF/Intel control...

Just wait until you see VS.NET. You'll be longing for the old days....


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I only heard about it ;-). I have to paste Stephen Kellett's comment from; LOL:

Come back Symantec Visual Cafe, all is forgiven. Even Visual Cafe didn't have the monumental gaffe described above.

Taking the analogy a step further, if my car behaved like Visual Studio 7...

Walk out the house to the car. Put the key in the lock, to open the car. Open the door. The car is switched off at this point, so the steering wheel isn't needed, so its not present. Sit in the drivers set, turn the ignition on. *BINGO*! the steering wheel materializes in front of me, as I do it to steer the car whilst driving. I go to move off and, damn the light clutch, I've stalled it. Wait, where the F*** did the steering wheel go? Oh right, the engine is the steering wheel isn't needed. Turn the car back on and get hit in the head by the steering wheel re-materializing.

You can just imagine it...


Yeah, that about sums it up....


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