Run-time error '53'

Run-time error '53'

I recently made a Fortran DLL file that received runtime error 53. While i traced this issue to a DLL that was not initially installed on my machine. Which I have fixed by linking to the dformd.lib. The problem that i now have is that I shared a folder on my hard disk so others could use it and any one using it from the shared folder, not on my machine, gets the runtime error.

Thanks for any help

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If I got you right -- which I'm not sure -- you can copy dformd.dll from system32 to your fortran dll directory. In this way, it will be automatically loaded from wherever the folder is accessed.



Thanks. I figured that out eventually but ran into another intresting problem. As my dll grew I would get the same problem even after using DUMPBIN on my dll and any file that was listed in the imports list. I used DUMPBIN until IMPORTS listed no more linked filed. I found that if I make a release file i don't have the issue any more. Thanks again for the help.

Right - debug configuration DLLs are linked to non-redistributable DLLs. Always build a Release configuration if you'll be copying the DLL elsewhere.


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