Intel equivelent of CVF EOF function

Intel equivelent of CVF EOF function

I'm trying to convert to Intel 7.0 from CVF and noticed that Intel doesn't seem to have a function similar to CVF's EOF function. The code is looping through a number of files and checks for empty files using the following lines:


Does Intel 7.0 have a similar function that I just haven't found, or am I going to have to try and read from each file to determine if it is empty?

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Intel Fortran doesn't have EOF yet. You'll have to do the test READ yourself. (This would also be more portable.)


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So try to spot all EOF() clauses in the CVF environments and convert to test iostat.

An alternative might be to emulate this function using something like:

logical function eof(unit)
    integer :: unit

    character(len=1) :: onechar
    integer :: ierr

    read( lun, iostat = ierr, '(a)' ) onechar
    eof = ierr /= 0
end function

If there are unformatted files, you will need to extend this. And you may want to distinguish between an error and a "true" end-of-file.

Change Line-8 of the code in #4 to eof = ierr /= -1 to exclude EOR and other conditions, and note that the specific value dedicated to signify EOF is compiler-dependent, but you can USE ISO_FORTRAN_ENV and use the named constant IOSTAT_END instead. 

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