CVF is freezing the my computer

CVF is freezing the my computer


I have been encountering the following 3 problems for a few months, and today the problem gets worse.

Problem #1:
Today I simply opened a workplace, viewed some old modules, and let the software stay open but not running any programs. So, the CVF should not take up much memory by just having it opened.

but 30 min. later, i found my internet took 15 minutes and still not linking to the home page, and then i could not use even a notepad.

then, i restarted the computer, and before it did so, there is a box saying "ending program, please wait....".

Problem #2:
I have been encountering this "ending program" message every time i execute programs using the CVF. The problem is that after the "ending program" is run, there is an error message saying that a software is still being used... and i cannot restart the computer.

Problem #3:
Every time I execute a program, i cannot do anything else in my computer (e.g. i cannot use even a notepad to write because it goes very slow in opening just a notepad, let alone some other WORD or internet...etc.) i bought my desktop computer 5 monthes ago, with 512mb memory and 1.6 mhz, it uses XP as the OS.

I appreciate your help tremendously.

Linda Wong

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Do you have XP Home by any chance? We've seen a couple of people report a similar problem, but it does not appear to be caused by CVF itself. One user is running XP Home, which is different internally from XP Professional and may have bugs in the way it deals with process scheduling.


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i use window XP professional. Is there a memory leak of some sort? thanks!

Not that we're aware of. I run CVF day in and day out on my XP systems without seeing any of this.

Also, it's interesting that you say you see the freezing both when running Developer Studio (what you call "CVF") and running your applications. My guess is that you have something else on your system that is causing problems - MS Intellimouse drivers are common culprits.


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Could you advice what to do about it? should i contact MS for the problem? or should i deleter CVF and install t again? I really hope to get it running without problems...

also I realize that every time i had an error in my programs, the CVF used to give me a sound, but the error sound was gone for the past 3 months.

thanks for your help!

You apparently have some other software on the system that is interfering with normal use. If you CTRL-ALT-DEL and select Task Manager, then Processes, do you see one of the processes taking 90% or more of the CPU? Click on Performance - how much physical memory is free?

Try downloading and installing the latest drivers for your video adapter and mouse to see if it makes any difference. Unfortunately, MS is not likely to be of much help here.


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right now i am not openning any software, and under the Processes shows that "System Idle Process SYSTEM" is using 97% of the CPU.

When I run my fortran program, 97-99% CPU under Processes are used by that program.

WHen I go to performance inside the task manager (without running a program), the physical memory is :total 523056, available 326084, system cache 281768. I am surprised that ONLY about 60% of memory is available, when I do not do anything with the computer. When running a program, the available physical memory varies a little.

thanks for walking me through these. SO, what do all these information say?

To download the lastest drivers as you pointed, should I go to MS's page and see if anything need to be upgraded? If not, where can I do that?


Ok - your program is CPU-bound. This should make your system a bit sluggish, but not to the extent that you describe. What kind of program is it? Is it a QuickWin application? If so, do you have a DO WHILE (.TRUE.) loop at the end of the main program?

For drivers, you would visit the web site of your mouse and video adapter maker, or perhaps Dell (since you say you have a Dell PC.) But hold off on that for now.

Am I correct in saying that when you see the problems having Developer Studio (what you call CVF) open, that you are also running your application?


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what does it mean by my program is CPU-bound? sounds like there is more efficient ways to write my program...

ok, I have a mainprogram that takes 5 different modules, some modules contain a few subroutines. I learn to program Fortran from Chapman's book. I use lots of if..then statements and do loops (e.g. DO i=1,10; not DO while) everywhere in the modules.

In my main program, i call a module (which then calls a subroutine that uses the 4 other modules). I also write it as a loop in the main program, say, do 10 times of the call so that i do not have to manually execute the program often. Either way slows down my computer.

Here is what i do: i open the developer studio, then open the appropriate workspace, find the folder that stores all programs and modules. Using the command button to "rebuild all", and then run the program.

severe problems come up whenever i run the program. so, yes you are correct.

but... i never just open the developer studio and not running program. but today i did, and i found it still made the internet and notepad..etc. not functioning right (slow). This is new to me. This problem prompted all my inquiries and frustration.


"cpu bound" means that the program uses all the available processor time. Nothing wrong with this if your program is actually doing work. However, when a single program monopolizes the processor, other things on the system can suffer.

Just having Developer Studio open shouldn't do anything bad to your system - I find this very puzzling.

Try this as an experiment. Reboot your system in "safe mode". (I think you press F8 when the first boot message appears, and then select from a menu.) See if the problem continues.

From what you've said, there's nothing that CVF itself is doing to cause a problem - your system is just not dealing well with a program that uses 100% of the CPU.


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Hi Steve,

I rebooted my system in "safe mode", ran my program, and used the task manager to compare the physical memory available, it was 416132/523056; whereas in "normal mode?" the number is 356208/523056. It is puzzling that there seems to be lots of physical memory avaiable, yet the CPU is 98% occupied (under Processes, same whichever modes I used).

so, you suggest that my system is not dealing well with my program. It seems to leave two alternatives: bad programming, or bad system.

Because you said earlier that you never had the problems (that I encountered) in your computer (freezing, ending program errors..), I would like to know if you could be so kind to execute my program, just to test about the CPU usage in your computer while running the program. If it does not take up almost all usage, then I could tell that it is my computer problem.

It would be nice if you could help this way, otherwise, I could not find out the problems. Please let me know (how I can send you all the files). thanks.

Memory usage and CPU usage are two different things. Your program is apparently using as much CPU power as is available, but is not using a lot of memory. That's fine.

If you want me to take a look at the program, send a ZIP archive of the project sources to , along with a brief description of the problem. Please include your Visual Fortran serial number and product version.

The "ending program" error occurs when Windows tries to stop a program from running, but it does not respond. When I look at your program sources, I may see why this is happening.


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Everything is running fine now. But I am still curious at what amount of CPU usage that my program were grabing at your computer when running it. If you have a second, please check. thanks.

(The configuration of my computer is: 512mb ram, and 2.4 mhz,PIV.)

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