Syntax Colouring

Syntax Colouring

I have a couple of questions about syntax colouring in the DevStudio text editor:

1) Why, if I set,

HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftDevStudio6.0Text EditorTabs/Language SettingsFortran



are *.str etc. files not considered by the IDE to be FORTRAN and coloured appropriately? (If I manually apply a language setting, it is only applied until the file is closed).

2) Why does user defined keyword highlighting through usertype.dat (as described in the docs) not work with FORTRAN?


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Because Developer Studio ignores that registry setting in this context. There isn't a way around it that I know of.


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(I don't know why this didn't come through as a reply the first time)

Steve - thanks for the response, don't you ever sleep??? :o)

I don't want to sound too pedantic but, if the registry settings are ignored, what are they there for? I can't think of another context where this setting would be useful...

It is only a minor (though continual!) irritation, but is it worth reporting as a 'feature'?

In CVF, a lot of the logic that determines "what is a Fortran file" is locked inside Microsoft code that we don't have access to. The situation is probably different in the VS.NET IDE, but I don't know offhand.

The registry value is used for some things, but not in whether or not the Fortran colorizer is called.


Retired 12/31/2016

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