Some time ago I used Matlab to display the closed surface ( similar to a zeppelin ) of the radiation pattern envelope of microwave antennas. Matlab has the MESH(X,Y,Z) command to do that. X, Y and Z are vectors composed using the RPE of the antenna.
I want to make the same kind of display using Fortran, and tried to use the Array Viewer. In all samples I found, the surfaces displayed are not closed, and found nothing about in help. Can it be done with the Array Viewer ?
Trying to do it using the graphic routines of QwickWin will be very hard, kind of reinventing the wheel.
Thanks for any hint

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Sorry, the Compaq Array Viewer can only display surfaces that don't close back on themselves. i.e. z = f(x, y).

We've been thinking of adding a new plot type to display closed surfaces for the next release of the Intel Array Visualizer. It sounds like this would be a useful feature.

In Matlab does the Mesh routine take just a collection of points in x,y,z space? The points without any connection information don't define the surface, but I suppose Matlab has an algorithm that creates a surface based on the most "natural" shape.


I do not know how Matlab realy does it. I just make a projection of a vector (with origin in 0,0,0 and end in a point in the surface), in each of the axis, and put each projection in a x , y and z vector. So those vectors have the same size, and each element with the same index refers to a particular point in the surface. The mesh(x,y,z) draws the grid joining adjacent points.
I will use a mixed aproach, generating the x, y and z vectors using fortran, writing then to a txt file, opening Matlab with runqq, and once there running an Matlab exec that reads the vectors and mesh then.
It may be awkwards but I only want to see if the algoritm I will use to compose the 3D RPE is ok.
Geraldo Cacciatore

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