DrectX D3D access from Visual Fortran v 6.1

DrectX D3D access from Visual Fortran v 6.1

General query on DirectX application from Visual Fortran version 6.1: is the professional edition required? We use the standard edition. Cannot locate any information on D3D in the Fortran help files - only in the Java help. Intend to access the D3D library for matrix and vector calculations. Has anyone tried this or is Visual Fortran already equipped with the fastest numerical code?

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It is documented in CVF 6.6 docs.

However, I don't think there are any Fortran headers for D3D, not even in 6.6B. Function interfaces probably can be generated using Module wizard, but on first sight the idea of using COM-oriented D3D from Fortran sounds like an overkill.

You may be better off using OpenGL -- it should be equally fast on new graphic cards, simpler to use, and with far more Fortran resources and users' experience to start with. (Not that I'm familiar with it either.) See for example here.



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