Delphi function as a parameter

Delphi function as a parameter

Dear All,

Browsing this archive it seems to me that I am not alone who wants to use Delphi and Visual Fortran together. My question is how I can pass a Delphi function or procedure to a Fortran subroutine.
I know how to pass back and forth numbers and arrays using DLL but I can not figure out how to do these things with functions.
Putting otherwise, the question is how to use an IMSL integration subroutine in Delphi when the integration subroutine expects a function as a parameter.The only reference I found is on the NAG website which is quite specific about the Delphi part of the project but says nothing about the Fortran side.
I am using Delphi 7 Professional , Visual Fortan 6.1 Professional and Win98.
(I am not so professional as my software tools would suggest...).

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Do a search on this forum for examples on Visual Basic. It should be the same idea. See for example this one.


... or this one.

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