CVF 6.6 and Windows XP

CVF 6.6 and Windows XP

I too have been having problems with running long Fortran 6.6 computations in a QuickWin. As suggested in this forum, I tried using call sleepqq(1000) to no avail - the editor still unpredictably delays up to 5 seconds at a time, making it unusable. Like others, I find that this "multi-tasking" OS is effectively dead in the water while a CVF 6.6 program is executing. Is is really so much to ask to be able to use an editor while a program is executing? UNIX solved this problem almost 40 years ago! I am rapidly being driven towards another OS, after spending 20 years developing in C and Fortran in the DOS/Windows environment. If Microsoft doesn't wake up soon, their golden goose will be cooked! Their present abhorrent OS licensing scheme is the last straw!

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Someone should post a self contained example of the problem. Anyhow regarding your comments on MS, it is unlikely this is an OS problem if this is NT/2000/XP, rather something within the application program or Quickwin.


I use Windows XP on my primary work system, the one on which I daily run user applications sent to vf-support. In fact, I'm running one right now that is CPU-intensive and runs for many hours. The system is slow, naturally, but everything responds properly and I have never seen Windows become unresponsive due to running a Fortran application.

My guess is that users with such symptoms have insufficient RAM on their systems, causing the system to swap heavily. This matches the symptoms reported and has nothing to do with Fortran, per se.


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