Runtime Fortran compiles

Runtime Fortran compiles

I utilize Visual Basic.Net for GUI and Compaq Visual Fortran 6.6B and Intel Fortran 7.0 to perform the computations in DLLs. When I run a simply VB.Net program, and even after I make a call to the DLL compiled in CVF, I can recompile the CVF DLL and then return to the active VB.Net application and call the recently compile CVF DLL again (with the changes). This is not possible with Intel Fortran 7.0. Is this because the Intel Fortran 7.0 is integrated within the Visual Studio.Net environment?

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If I read your description right, VB.NET is deciding to reload the Fortran DLL in one case and not the other. I don't know how it decides to do that.


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My mistake. It works the same in both cases.

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