Creating a COM object using COMCreateObjectByProgID

Creating a COM object using COMCreateObjectByProgID

I successfully created a COM server using the instructions on the help pages.
The properties can be picked up ok by our VB developers, however I would like to be able to test my test COM objects using fortran before giving to the VB developers. I have hit a problem on the first hurdle.

This is the line of code that I entered:

CALL COMCreateObjectByProgID('test_com.testcom',myObject,STATUS)

the VB developers picked up things ok by using just testcom as the progid, I have used testcom without test_com but myObject always comes back with 0.

If there is anyone out there who can help I would be grateful.
Although an experienced Fortran programmer on HP platforms and on an IBM Mainframe this is my first time at using Compaq Fortran on a PC especially using COM technology.


ps please email me direct at

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