Welcome to the forum! Please read this!

Welcome to the forum! Please read this!

Welcome to the new combined forum for Intel Fortran for Windows and Compaq Visual Fortran, hosted by Intel. For CVF users, I think you'll find this forum a big improvement over the previous Compaq-hosted forum. We encourage Intel Fortran users to participate as well - we'll all learn from each other.

Please note that this forum is for users to get together and share information - it is NOT a way to request support of Intel or Compaq. For technical support issues, please click the Tech Support link above. Intel and Compaq engineers may participate here, but there is no guarantee that they'll respond to your posts.

Some notes about posting. HTML is not accepted here. To post code, use the "pre" button you'll see on the posting page. Attachments are not currently permitted, but may be soon.

If you want to insert a URL, just type it in, or use the "url" button.

For more details on using the forum, click the "forum faq" link above.

The old Compaq forum will remain for now - we're looking into creating an archive version of it here.

We hope you enjoy this new forum.

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When you first visit the forum, you appear as "Guest", even if you have logged in. The forum does not recognize you as having logged in, however, until you click on Reply or New Post.

The forum will keep your session logged in for about eight hours, after which you will have to log in again the next time you post.


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A searchable, read-only archive of the old Compaq Fortran forum is available here

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