CVF->IFC upgrade questions.

CVF->IFC upgrade questions.


I took a look at the specs but a few questions about IFC remain:

No profiler?

No libraries? Not even Intel's?

No simple mixed language? Only compile to .obj in one project and link in another? Does this allow for debugging?

Does it play ball with CVF6.6? Or the only option is to use from command line or to install right?

No more "VF reporter"? Still only Qquad headache or has that changed?

Any timeframe for a complete OpenMP2.0 implementation?

Any change of an integrated (IFC+ICC(?)+VTune+IPL) product a la Visual Studio?

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First of all, this is not an "upgrade". We've made the offer available if you're interested - the product that will be the upgrade is a year away.

Profiler is not included - Intel VTune is available and is very good.

I don't understand the "libraries" question. All libraries you need for normal Fortran programs, plus many of the routines you would find in DFLIB or DFPORT are there. If you mean math libraries, ala CXML, right, not included. The Intel Performance Libraries can be purchased separately.

The mixed language issue is Microsoft's restriction. Yes, you can do mixed-language debugging.

VF Reporter is gone - there is a tool for collecting the information VF Reporter did. QuAD is the way to submit support requests.

I have no idea regarding OpenMP 2.0.

Are you asking about a bundle that includes all these products? No plans, but it's an interesting idea. How much would you be willing to pay for such a bundle?


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