Future Purchases and Licensing

Future Purchases and Licensing

I am in a position that will require updating at least some of the 30+ FORTAN licenses (currently CVF 6.1) we have. I was very happy to see Compaq (or should I say HP now) introduce concurrent licensing, and was seriously considering a pack of concurrent licenses.

Does anyone have experience using the concurrent licenses?

Does anyone know if Intel will continue this licensing practice? I suspect that if I would update the Compaq licenses now to 6.6a now, we would hold off updating again at least until the "longer term release in the second half of 2003" or likely longer.

Can anyone tell me if the Intel compiler has as good access to Windows system calls and COM Objects as CVF?


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The current plan is for Intel to offer concurrent licenses - we recognize their value to our customers. I can tell you that from what CVF customers tell us, they like the concurrent licensing and that it works well for them.

The current Intel compiler has no COM support nor does it offer Win32 interfaces. We expect that Win32 interfaces (similar to what was in CVF 6.5) will be available in the Intel release later this year. Of course, CVF's COM and Win32 functionality will carry over to the 2003 product (with enhancements).


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I too am pleased to see the new concurrent licensing. We've had DVF/CVF since version 5.0 (now at 6.6b) is there any way to convert our standalone license (3) to concurrent? I've only seen pricing for new purchases. Who would we contact? Also, I've only seen 2 packs and 5 packs. Can we convert 3 licenses?


I'm sorry to say that we don't offer "conversion" of single-user licenses to concurrent-use licenses. You can buy concurrent-use licenses in single quantity as a "license only" part, QM-6KSAB-AC (Standard) or QM-6KTAB-AC. You can use these in conjunction with your existing CVF 6.6 installation as follows:

1. Open the folder Program FilesMicrosoft Visual StudioDF98LICENSE
2. Open the file FORTRAN.LIC in NOTEPAD. Insert the following three lines at the top of the file:

SERVER yoursevername ANY 7166

Replace "yourservername" with the name of your server node. If you have changed the port number specified in the Compaq license from 7166, make the appropriate change here too.

That should do it. If you have problems or questions, please write to vf-support.


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