Screenio link problem

Screenio link problem

I'm using Compaq Visual FORTRAN 6.6A on WIN 2000. I have a project which is forced to be a console project (not Quickwin).

When I added SCREENIO.LIB to the list of libraries in the LINK tab of my project's settings I get the following linker error:

LINK : warning LNK4098: defaultlib "LIBC" conflicts with use of other libs; use /NODEFAULTLIB:library

I believe I chose "multi-threaded libraries" when I created the project and guess this might be the problem. Is there a multi-threaded version of SCREENIO.LIB anywhere (or does anyone know how to fix this)?

If I cannot use SCREENIO, does anyone know how to clear the console screen of text?

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I think you can safely ignore that message; I'm still not sure what triggers it -- take a look for LNK4098 in this and the old forum; I think it has been answered.

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I lifted the following from a sample program CONSOLE that comes with Visual Fortran (6.6A in my case).

In a true console ap, you can clear the screen with:

subroutine clrscn
use dflib
use dfwin

integer fhandle
logical KlStat ! lstat in HELP file sample code
integer nlines, ncols
Type(T_COORD) wpos

integer i
!Write blank lines
wpos.x = 0
wpos.y = 0
KlStat = SetConsoleCursorPosition(fhandle, wpos)
do i = 0, nlines-1
write(*,*) Repeat(" ",ncols)
end do


end subroutine clrscn

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