Memory problem?

Memory problem?

OS: win2k pro sp3
Complier: up-to-date version of Compaq Fortran
CPU: AMD Athlon 2000XP
Physical Mem: 2G
Virtual Mem setting: 4G


I developed a code which will use large memory.

I used Allocate command to allocate the memory I will use. Supposely in win2K pro, each application can use around 1.75G virtual memory. However, I encounter such a case:

Before allocate two large arrays (will use 570M memory), I checked the availble memory and used memory (used mem: 1G, left 700M). Thus there is enough space for the allocation. However, the allocation fails with Run-time error 41, which is no enough virtual memory. Actually the whole usage of memory (plus the allocation of those two large arrys) should be within 1.6G.

Any idea to solve this issue? Thanks.

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