Viewing arrays with debugger

Viewing arrays with debugger

I know how to view an array that's small enough to be expanded in the Watch Window, but what I would like to do is selectively look at PART of an array that is too large to expand. Large arrays may take too long, or there may be too much information to view the whole thing in one window.

For example, I may have a 50 x 50 REAL*8 matrix, and I want to examine row 23, or column 16, or cells 1-15 in column 46. So far, I have not been able to find a DEBUG command that will allow this with the approporiate syntax.

Of course, with an array that large, viewing the entire array is out of the question.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Type the following in the watch window for your examples:


(replase MatrisName with the name of your matris).


Why dont you use Compaq array Viewer?

It's extremely convenient, plus you can cut and paste the array or part of it to an excel spreadsheet to check calculations, if needed.


The array viewer is 'greyed out' on my Debug menu.
I have the Professional edition.
Is the Array viewer something you have to install separately?


Yes. You got a separate CD for the Array Visualizer. You are going to see a button for Array Viewer on the tool bar in Dev. Studio too.
BUT you can not view PART of an array or matrix by Array Viewer. It views the whole array.


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