Where can I get the lib for scientific graph for Visual Fortran?

Where can I get the lib for scientific graph for Visual Fortran?

In my program of Visual Fortran, I have to draw some scientific graph in it, by the data genarated by the computing routine I made.
So the libreray of scientific graph is useful for me, which should be able to called in the Visual Fortran.
I find one in the install disk of Visual Fortran, but which is not "strong" enough for me and also not easy to use.
Where can I get some libs of it?
Thank you.

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You should probably look into the scigraph lib supplied with the CVF CDROM. Look for a file named SGDEMO.for and it will show you how to draw XY scatter plot and line graphs etc. IT probably has everything you need to draw scientific graphs. If you need to do more, CVF has routines like LINETO and MOVETO to draw lines (& arcs) and OUTGTEXT to write text which you can use once you define your view window co-ordinates. To get help on that look for the file DFMAIN.chm on your CDROM and then type in "Graphics coordinates" and look at the examples on drawing.

I have already used this example file in its own project. And it works well. But I build my own project as the steps mentioned in the documents of SCIGRAPH. It does not work. I try many ways of it. But link errors always appear here.
How can I overwholm it?

You need to add the file Scigraph.lib to your project and add the directory where scigraph.lib is by clicking on the Tools/Options/Directories tab
Also, compile scigraph.lib without the file sgdemo.for
In the subroutine please add use scigraph

use scigraph

RECORD /GraphSettings/ xyGraph
RECORD /DataSettings/ xyDataSets(3)
RECORD /AxisSettings/ xyAxes(4)
.. plotting code goes in here
end subroutine Mygraph

You also have to set up your project as a QuickWin application.


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Does that mean that it is not possible to use SCIGRAPH either from or within a Fortran Windows Application ?

Is there a way to deal with this?


I challenge you to try to port Scigraph to XFTGDI. XFTGDI is my wrapper library for Windows GDI drawing, and it can be regarded as a halfway between QuickWin and pure API. You can download it here -- take care to download and read the documentation and study the sample (which is trivial, I admit). I did the same few years ago with my main project on job (a ~50000 lines of GUI) (that's how the library started); I planned to also build a graphing library on top of it but, as I said, I don't have time at the moment. Most of the job can be done with Find&Replace -- the rest would require some care. My estimation is that it wouldn't take more than a day or two at most. It could be ported to pure API as well, but I think this would be far easier.

If you're interested, drop me an e-mail privately (see my profile or home page). Note that I do plan to do it myself, but I can't promise any deadlines.


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