Fortran DLL, VB Call, and Win XP vs. 9x

Fortran DLL, VB Call, and Win XP vs. 9x


While working on processing software, I discovered that the version of CVF being used wasn't supported under Win XP. I figured this was the reason it wasn't working under XP, but was working under 9x. So, after upgrading, I then discovered, that wasn't the problem.

Now, my co-worker who does the support of the Fortran program is out of country for a couple months on a work assignment, and I don't know any Fortran, but am expected to solve this problem (I have debugged other languages without knowledge of the language before, so shouldn't be a big problem). The problem is, I'm not sure what else to try to fix the problem, because I have no familiarity with the language.

I was able to add debugging prints that write out to a file, and have discovered it dies on a simple line of code: Text = TRIM(ADJUSTL(Text)).

This DLL seems to work under 9x/Me with no issues, but gives a horrible automation error (-2147417848: The object invoked has disconnnected from its clients) under XP. The cause is uncertain to me. Is there some USE that is missing? (There are none in the code) Is it because this code is in a nested private function? (Though, it does run some assign statements correctly before that) Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I have also tried "Release" vs. "Debug" and that didn't make a difference. I did patch everything up to 6.6B, and used the VFRUN66BI to make sure the runtime modules were there. So I'm not sure what to try next, as I have this feeling it is something language related, which is currently beyond my expertise. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,
Mark Tompsett

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