Visual Fortran Editor Customizing

Visual Fortran Editor Customizing

I want to customize the CVF editor so that it automatically capitalizes Fortran keywords. Any idea how to do this? Has anyone done it and would share their methods?

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To make editor "Auto-correcting" the keywords (like Word does) would be a huge effort, if possible at all. However, you could easily record a Find/Replace macro (i.e. Replace "if" with "IF", match whole word, replace all, and so on for all keywords) and assign it a key combination. If you'll do it that way, note that it would be easier to record the macro for one keyword and then edit it in Macro editor to fill the list. Of course, the obvious disadvantage is that it will replace IFs & DOs in literal strings as well.


It works like a champ! Thanks. Would anybody be interested in the macro when it is finished?

This kind of VS Macro is definitely very useful. I'll be be interested when it's done. Also, "adding Fortran comments" and "removing Fortran comments" will be very handy, too.


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