"dynamic" help text-boxes

"dynamic" help text-boxes


does anybody know how to program dynamic help text-boxes, i.e. those small help windows that open when the mouse approaches an object on the screen with the purpose of shortly explaining the functionalities of that object?
Is there a designated set of Win API routines to call for those? Does anybody have experience with handling such things using Compaq Visual Fortran?

Thanks so much for any help or hints on this matter!!


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This is part of functionality of WinHelp and HtmlHelp APIs. My cluged version of DFLOGM called XFLOGM supports callback for F1/Context help in dialogs so you may download and check the sample. In the sample, this is done with WinHelp; help files can be created using MS's Help Workshop or some 3rd-party tool.

In Headers section on my home page you can also find CVF HtmlHelp header file. You'll also need HtmlHelp Workshop from Microsoft. (Disclaimer: I haven't done tooltip help with HtmlHelp, but it should be similar to WinHelp).


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