memory problem

memory problem

I get a message from Debug on linking that indicates I'm using too much space, apparently more than some default value in Compaq Visual Fortran. Warning message from linker:

Debug/premix.exe: warning LNK4084: total image size 1201885184 exceeds max (268435456); image may not run

The 268435456 number is 256 MB, probably a CVF default value. Anybody know how I can change this?

Tested: changing array sizes in the source code to smaller values, so image size is less than 256 MB,
does get rid of the warning. Does not fix the problem, I may need larger size. System has 3.8 GB (though obviously I cannot use all that).

CVF Professional Version 6.6.0.


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I just hit this limit/warning message using VSF 6.6B

warning LNK4084: total image size 952778752 exceeds max (268435456); image may not run

The image size is not negative, and I'm using Windows 2000 Professional; for which the knowledge base article says I should be able to ingore this warning (the max. size is 1.75 GB).

But when I try to run my code, I get:

The system cannot execute the specified program.


I answered my own question. Right-click My Computer, Properties, Advanced Tab, Performance Options, Change button for Virtual Memory. The Maxmimum size was set to 636 MB. I increased it to 1750 (not that it has to be correlated with the 1.75 GB max size). The code ran! I'll blame my corporate IT folks.


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