Sparse matrix viewer

Sparse matrix viewer

Dear FORTRAN users,

I am using CVF6.5 & CXML to solve AX=B type sparse matrix. There is convinient rules in CXML routines to store sparse matrix- store non-zero elements and their row & index. But when debugging, I cannot use Arrayviewer to view its structure. It must transformed into orginal matrix. it's too huge to compute.
Is there any sparse matrix viewer available which is able to view sparse matrix directly?
Thank you in advance.

Sangsu LEe

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Try mtxView available at

It's a standalone but good for viewing large sparse matrices.

Good luck,
Gerry T.

There are probably ways to get access to the CXML data structures, but a standalone program doesn't mean that all work has to be done manually. The latest version of mtxView gives some examples on how to view a sparse matrix on demand while debugging. The examples are written in C(++), but the method should apply to all languages that allow access to the Windows API.

Thank you, Thomas and Josephgo,
The URL is unreachable from my location. T T
Can you send me the files I can try?

Sangsu Lee
Sungkyunkwan Univ. S.Korea

please try downloading again---you should be able to access the page. Sometimes I am having difficulties myself displaying the page, probably due to heavy traffic on the Tripod server. If you still can't access the page, drop a note ( (X should be replaced by some other letter). Sorry for this, but I don't want to get too much spam. The messages of this forum can be searched via google and are possibly open to all kinds of robots.

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