Difference between Execute Program and Go

Difference between Execute Program and Go

I have a console application that has been built in the Debug configuration. When I run it from within Developer Studio with the Execute Program button it fails with a MATH error (exp - Domain error). If I run the program with the Go button in an attempt to debug it, it runs to completion. The floating point exception handling is set to 0.
The program is failing deep inside an iterative solver which is going to be a pig to debug without the debugger. Any ideas?

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I found some input data that caused the program to fail in the debugger. It would appear that starting the program with the Go button affects the floating point exception handling - a NaN condition wasn't being trapped in the debugger which was when running the program. Is this behavior obvious; have I missed something in the documentation somewhere?

My guess is that you have uninitialized data that is revealed (or hidden) when the memory layout changes, as would happen if the code was started under the debugger. There shouldn't be any FP handling differences.


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