News Group for Windows JCL?

News Group for Windows JCL?

I am in the process of bringing a suite of piping analysis programs written in Fortran over from a VMS system to Windows NT on Compaq technical computers. The programs are being compiled using Compaq Visual Fortran 6.6B. In addition to these, however, are a number of command procedures (*.com files on VMS) These are being replaced - for the most part - by *.bat files on NT.

Does anyone know a new group where this kind of construction is discussed? Some of what I have managed has been by trial and error. And some of that looks rather Mickey Mouse - as if there must be more elegant solutions. Thus far, my web searches have produced some useful information. But I suspect there is more out there.

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JCL? That is IBM. :-) If you mean DCL, the only place I see this discussed regularly is on the newsgroup comp.os.vms and generally you don't see a lot of discussion of porting to Windows going on there. On the other side you probably want to go with a scripting language rather than simple BAT files if your DCL procedures are at all sophisticated, see for starters.


I was unaware that IBM had prorpiety over what I regarded as the generic term "job control language". However, thanks for the web site ID. It is better than a good beginning.

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