#define and explicit type

#define and explicit type

Good Afternoon,

I am attempting to compile a program which was forwarded to me on CVF v6.6B. The program contains
several include files with #define statements. During the build, I get errors indicating the parameters from the #define directives need explicit type definitions. In the past, I have understood the #define directive to be a parameter definition which substitutes the value for the symbol in subsequent calls.
I have checked the Use FPP box in the compilier settings, but I can't get the program to compile.

Here is an example of the code - without the include file

Program main
implicit none
#define ISY_MAX 45
character csytst(ISY_MAX)*15
end program main

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,


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Yes, macro expansion is off by default. You need to add the "/m" option to the /fpp switch to get what you are expecting.


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