dll problems on other machine - runtime libraries??

dll problems on other machine - runtime libraries??

Hi folks,

I have a fortran dll which is called from within Excel/VB and works fine on my machine. In order to get this working on another NT workstation, I ran the runtime self-installer ( VFRUN66 ), even going so far as to remove copies of dforrt.dll and dformd.dll from that machine and then re-run the installer to check that it was doing something (it was). Running the macro in Excel on the target machine *still* produces the "runtime error 53 - File not found - furnace.dll".

The file, furnace.dll, is in c:winntsystem32 and I have even tried explicitly referring to it by it's full path in the VB script. No joy.

Anyone have any ideas what else might be wrong? I'm even storing the dll and the excel spreadsheet on a shared drive so that I can be sure I'm running the same versions on both machines - and as I said, it works fine on the machine it was compiled on.

I'm using Compaq Visual Fortran Standard Edition 6.6.0

Thanks in advance


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Best guess - you built the DLL as a Debug configuration. This introduces dependencies on non-redistributable DLLs. Rebuild it as a Release configuration.


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Ah, thank you Steve! Spot on the money.

All is now well in the land of dll's ;^)


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