error message

error message

We have an odd situation where we get a repeated error message (see below) on one machine and not on another. Both machines are running the newest version and have exactly the same settings.

C:ProjectDLM_WQ.for(1864) : Error: With Default Real
KIND = 8, arguments' data types are incompatible with intrinsic. [DMOD] Y=DMOD(X,one)

Are there any issues that exist on one platform, a Pentium III, and not on a Pentium II?

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I note that the message implies you have /real_size:64 set - are you SURE it's the same on both systems? I'd bet not...


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So how much do you owe me?

We have spent hours checking all the various settings, and checked that first and foremost. In fact this was an older code that we are updating and double precision was one of the updates we made early on.

Any other thoughts?

Send a ZIP archive of both projects to us at and we'll take a look. I'm not paying out bets yet...


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I will do so as soon as possible. The problem copy just left for Spain for two months. The problem of international collaboration.

But I can tell you that he was using a complete project copy he had from me.

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