Debug info not available in watch window

Debug info not available in watch window

I have loaded my project onto a second machine which has CVF 6.6 loaded. However after stepping into the program with the debugger, I cannot see the values of variables in the watch window. It says CXX0017: error: symbol 'xxx' not found, for every variable I try to look at. Also hovering the mouse over the variable in the source window does not bring up its value.

It works fine on my other machine with the same project. I have been through the Project -> Settings and all items are the same.

Any idea why the watch window will not show the variable names? The Locals window shows the values OK.

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Gosh, I've seen it... somewhere... sometimes. Nothing in online help, nothing related in MSDN. I vaguely recall it has to do something with either
- Failure to run Per-user Setup from CVF program group
- or VC++ service pack installed.

Yes, I also met such problem. I used 2003 + IVF9.0 before. It's no problem. but when I intalled IVF9.1, not uninstall IVF9.0, and debug, all the varible are can't display. I don't know why?

Uninstall the "Intel Fortran Compiler Integration into Microsoft Visual Studio" and then install that same component from 9.1. If the problem remains, please file a support request with Intel Premier Support.

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If Steve's suggestion does not resolve the problem then as an interrum solution try applying the scope operator to the variable. Example, assume you wish to examine a variable (YourVariable), the variable has global scope but which is declared in a module named FOO. Then watch for


If that does not work then open a Dissassembly window at a break point on a statement that references the variable in the other module. You might see something like "FOO_mp_FOO" for the above example. The solution is to scope it as follows


If the variable has a leading "_" you may have to add that too.

This was my work arounds for older versions of IVF. The current version does not have this problem.

Jim Dempsey

Yes, Steve's suggestion doesn't work. and I will try to completely uninstall IVF90 and try. We used 2003 + IVF90. it debugs ok and can show all variables. Now we plan to port to IVF91. I am doing test, so I haven't uninstall IVF90, but uninstall the integration component and installed new. but debug can't show all varibals. Now I will try Jim's suggestion.

Best Regards!


Jim's suggestion doesn't apply to your problem - he is showing how to examine variables in a module, but that would not have changed from 9.0 to 9.1.

Please submit a report to Intel Premier Support and include a complete test case that shows the problem.

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