What do I need

What do I need

Can someone please explain to me what I need to edit, debug
and link C,C++ and Fortran code. There seem to be a number of
packages available that will do it but specifically, if I buy Compaq Visual FORTRAN and then the $99 C/C++ from M$oft will this provide enough functionality for doing CORBA based OOC integration (Using IONA Orbacus)? Will there be something missing that I'll need to purchace the full blown visual studio professional package for? How much overlap is there in teh compaq VS Fortran and the .NET (formerly Visual Studio Professional)_

What does .NET give me that I can't find in open source?

Why can't anyone at Microsoft or Compaq who really knows anything answer pre-sales calls like this?

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Well, certainly there are people at Compaq (now HP) who can answer most of these questions - all you have to do is ask. The e-mail address for pre-sales type questions about Visual Fortran is vf-support@compaq.com

I don't know anything about CORBA or IOMA Orbacus. I can tell you that Compaq Visual Fortran works with MS Visual C++ 6.0 to make it easy to develop mixed-language applications. If you buy the Visual C++.NET version instead, the two development environments are separate and mixed-language programming is more difficult but still feasible.

I can't speak to the differences between VC++ Standard and Pro for your application, and don't understand your question comparing .NET to "open source".

What part of your application is Fortran?


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