Run Time Error - Access Viol on call to DLGMODAL

Run Time Error - Access Viol on call to DLGMODAL

I have written a dialog procedure in a learning/test workspace/project and have incorporated the code into a larger program in another workspace/project and now get a Severe (157) error 0C000005- Access Violation at run time. There are no diagnostics for compile or link. The location referenced '0048BF9B'(** in the following) is in DLGDOMODAL and has the following disassembly output:
0048BF90 push ebp
0048BF91 mov ebp,esp
0048BF93 mov eax,dword ptr [ebp+10h]
0048BF96 push esi
0048BF97 push edi
0048BF98 mov edi,dword ptr [ebp+14h]
0048BF9B mov esi,dword ptr [eax] **
0048BF9D test esi,esi
0048BF9F jne _DLGDOMODAL@24+2Ch (0048bfbc)
0048BFA1 mov eax,dword ptr [edi]
0048BFA3 test eax,eax
0048BFA5 je _DLGDOMODAL@24+22h (0048bfb2)
0048BFA7 push 0FAh
0048BFA9 push eax
0048BFAA call dword ptr [__imp__GetWindowLongA@8 (00698a5c)]
0048BFB0 jmp _DLGDOMODAL@24+2Ah (0048bfba)
0048BFB2 push 0
0048BFB4 call dword ptr [__imp__GetModuleHandleA@4 (00698838)]
0048BFBA mov esi,eax
0048BFBC push 18h
0048BFBE call malloc (00445c60)

Any clues as to how to find out what is going on?

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You can insert DFLOGM.f90 (from ...DFInclude folder) into your project and debug it. Most probably, DlgInit had failed because you forgot to move .rc file too :-).


Everything was copied - .H, .RC etc. The error actually occurs earlier on the call to DLGINIT. I guess I need to delete the resources and either copy them again or recreate them. Maybe I did not copy them correctly!

No, you don't have to delete & recreate them in general. Something must have happened on the way -- maybe you had an old resource.fd left somewhere? Also, there may be only one .rc file in the project. Maybe rebuild all would fix it. Just a guess...

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