increase stack size from executable

increase stack size from executable

I'm new at this software, trying to use someone else code. I get the "stack overflow error". I found on the release notes that the stack size can be increased "by using ETDITBIN on the executable." how can I do this what do they mean with the executable.? Are this changes done from the developer? Any tip would be greatly appreciated.


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I suggest starting with this Visual Fortran Newsletter article.


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EDITBIN comes with Visual Studio, either the C++ or the CVF version. Its use is covered in VS Help. You should be able to make your own copy of a .exe and use EDITBIN to modify it. Changing stack limits is a common use for this command. Steve's article gives useful background, but I didn't see an explicit reference to the instructions. In the simplest case:

EDITBIN /STACK:nnnnnn some.exe

sets the stack limit for some.exe to approximately nnnnnn bytes.

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