NULL pointer in _f90_pcheck

NULL pointer in _f90_pcheck

My setup:
- Intel Fortran 6.0
- ATL COM EXE server
- 1 ATL Simple Object
- A thread created in the object?s FinalConstruct
- An aircraft simulator in Fortran

I have placed all the calls to the Fortran code in the thread. As soon as execution enters the Fortran code, an invalid memory(NULL pointer) access occurs in _f90_pcheck. I am not sure what this function does, but it is called at the beginning of my subroutine before compiled code. I am forcing the link to the static MT libs, and workspace wide I am sure that my MT flag settings are consistent. I can call the same code outside of the thread successfully. What direction can I go in to understand and fix this problem?


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I think what you're seeing is a run-time check for pointer validity prior to use of a pointer, and it is complaining that you're about to reference a pointer with a NULL value.


Steve - Intel Developer Support

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