How can I debug CXML?

How can I debug CXML?

Dear CXML team,

When runnning my code using CXML direct sparse matrix solver, an error detected during run. it seems to be from changing nonsymetric matrix to symmetricstructured matrix. but I can't understand what's wrong. How can it be debugged? Can CXML give me some text error messages not access violation? Error message says:

Initializing the solver.
Defining structure.
forrtl: severe (157): Program Exception - access violation
Image PC Routine Line Source
flame.exe 00493033 Unknown Unknown Unknown
Unknown CDCDCDCD Unknown Unknown Unknown
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Sangsu Lee

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Just a comment - this is not the place to ask questions of the "CXML team". If you would like to submit a support request, see Be sure to supply a complete example that reproduces the problem.

If you run the program in the debugger, it should stop at the point of the error. You may need to change the context view to show the caller, if the access violation is occurring inside CXML. Then you should check your arguments to be sure they are correct.


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