problem with using TAB button in tabbed dialogs

problem with using TAB button in tabbed dialogs

I'm using Visual Fortran 6.6 and I'm having the following problem.
I have made a dialog with tab pages. Now I want to change between the fields of the child dialogs using the TAB button. But I can't get this working. I can move between the buttons in the main dialog, but not between the buttons and fields in the child dialog.
I have enabled the 'Tab Stop' option in the properties of all controls in the child dialog.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?


Luc Dorpmanns

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To my best knowledge, the feature won't work with setup required by DFLOGM. My patched version of DFLOGM called XFLOGM enables use of TAB key in child dialogs (see comments on the page).


Thanks for your reaction. I have downloaded your dialogtest and tried to get the TAB button working according to your description in xflogmref.htm.
Still I can't get it working. When I'm using DlgModeless according to your description, I cannot see the child-dialog. I guess I'm doing something wrong. Do you have an example where you are using tabbed dialogs which are set to move between the fields with the TAB button? If you do could you send me a copy or give me a description how to get it working?



A sample workspace is attached (please just delete & reinsert Xflogm.f90 and Dflogm.lib into project). Works for me.



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