Progress Bar in QuickWin?

Progress Bar in QuickWin?

Im using microsoft visual fortran version 6.1a, using windows me and im trying to implement a progress bar in a QuickWin program. it doesnt work out. Its very simple when we are running a Windows Application but in QuickWin I dont kwnow how.
I would appreaciate if anyone HELP ME.

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I don;t know about quickwin, but look at DLLPRGRS.DLL in he sample files. Works well for console and win apps.

Also I remember that its destructor does not properly deallocate (i think) in case of premature termination. a very minor fix.


Thats the point, if you observe the sample program, it runs under Windows Application, over a modeless dialog box that can not called from a QuickWin application.


Sorry for late reply -- I was on a vacation :-). It's unclear from your post whether you want to have the progress bar on a dialog or somewhere else? The former should be pretty straightforward. The latter would require some subclassing; QWToolbar sample on my home page illustrates how to tweak an API-handled toolbar into a QuickWin-based application. Progress bar should be far simpler, of course.


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