Is there free F77toF90 converter?

Is there free F77toF90 converter?

Dear Users,

I have so many F77 files to convert into F90 files.
Is there any available converter program I can use on my
windows PC?

Thank you in advance

Sangsu Lee

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Try the free software links at and


No conversion is needed - just compile your F77 code as-is.


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Thank you durisinm & Steve,

I need to convert F77 subroutines to F90 to retain original F90 structured code. Mixing the format among subroutines brought errors.
I found the program at the site durisinm said that automatically converted F77 files to F90 files, but it isn't perfect. There are many errors after the conversion. I had to change the code manually again. T.,T
If you have any perfect converter you think, can you send me one?
Thank you.

Sangsu Lee

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