Structure of my program

Structure of my program


I made a program that works well on a Linux machine, but now I want to port it to a Windows machine. I have some questions where it is the best way to put my files.
The directory structure is as follows:

In the common directory are all the subroutines i use in the different modules. In the modules i linked to the original files in the common directory.

Now I want to change everything to Windows and the links don't work anymore, instead Windows just placed copies of the original files in the module folders.

I have thought about a few things I could do, what is the best, or do u have better suggestions?

1. Make a dll with all the common files in
2. Include the common files in headerfiles
3. Put everything in the same dir (it will work, but its ugly)
4. Make the same kind of links if its possible??
5. Any other suggestions?

I hope someone can give me their thoughts on this one.
Thank you in advance!


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If you're using CVF with Developer Studio, then you can organize your files in disk directories in any way that makes sense to you. You'll create a project in Developer Studio to build your program and add files to the project. Those files can be from different locations.


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