Checkboxes in Listview control

Checkboxes in Listview control

I want some information on how to check and uncheck in a listview control. I don't have an image list in my listview control just the extended style for displaying check boxes.But I am unable to process check box messages.
I am not sure what the specific values of elements of the lv_item struct should be(the lvitem%state,lvitem%statemask,etc).

I am able to check the checkboxes if I do the following:
ret = SendMessage (hwndlist, LVM_SETITEMSTATE,

and uncheck them by setting lvi%state to 0.
But this is different from what has been given in help for the state parameter.

In Help they have asked us to use a value for the state member to be the one-based index of the state image shifted left 12 bits. The stateimage index value is 2 in my case because that index when shifted by 12 bits results in 8192(the value I've used to check the check boxes).But how will zero cause them to be unchecked again?

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