Opengl and Fortran

Opengl and Fortran


Can anyone please help me why I have the following error when I wish to compile any of the f90gl supplied programs like gltdino2 in CVF.
"C:h_files estgltdino2.f90(5) : Error: Error in opening the Library module file. [OPENGL_FWRAP]
use opengl_gl"

I have included the 4 lib files in the project:

Any help would be appreciated.



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I suggest you read the CVF-readme.txt in the f90GL download that you can find at It sounds as if you need to add to your INCLUDE/USE path the location of the f90GL .MOD files. Note that this is NOT a part of the CVF product.


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Got it!
There is a file by the name of opengl_fwrap.mod supplied with the f90gl archive that has to be placed in the current source file directory.

Well, no it doesn't have to be in the source directory. It just has to be in one of the places the compiler looks for .MOD files (same as INCLUDE files). You can use Project..Settings..Preprocessor..INCLUDE/USE path to add it, or Tools..Options..Directories..Include files to be available to all projects.


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I am also having a problem of compiling a fortran &opengl source problem, I am using Microsoft Developer Studio. I follow the instruction of CVF-readme.txt when installing the F90GL. But I had an error that : "Bad module file format" when compiling the module "opengl_gl". I found the module format of OLD opengl.mod(readable as a program) is fully different from that of opengl_gl.mod (unreadable).

anyone could help me?

Thanks in advance!

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