Compaq Visual Fortran in the Netherlands

Compaq Visual Fortran in the Netherlands

Are you a CVF developer in the Netherlands ? Or know one ? please mail me, and mail this to your CVF-friends.
I will organize some interest group in order to share experiences in using graphics, Canaimasoft f90SQL, parallel Fortran, IMSL etcetera.
We will keep communicating through this Intel Fortran User Board, but sometimes local contacts (and Fortran promotion) may be useful too for those who lack time to explore all possibilities of CVF.
Clemens de Leeuw -

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Dear Clemens,

I should reply to your message directly to you; but I cannot get my Outlook at the office working today. I'd like you to know that I am interested in a Dutch CVF Users Group (whatever its format). If necessary, you can reach me at:

Beste wishes,

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