combo boxes

combo boxes

I'd like to use a combo box as a list box under some options and as an edit box otherwise.When I make it an edit box is it possible to get rid of the list elements and then revert back to the list box style under certain other conditions?
I have used the dlg_update and dlg_selchange options.These however do not make the combo box an edit/list box,they just change the way the string is read.
So how do I change the box style as required?

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The easiest way is to have two controls, one list box and one edit box. Then, you can
- disable one or another according to position of, say, radio-button using DLG_ENABLE
- show/hide appropriate control using:

  iSt=ShowWindow(GetDlgItem(Dlg%hWnd, IDC_SOMETHING), SW_SHOW/SW_HIDE)

This will work only from callback functions, though. My XFLOGM module adds DLG_VISIBLE flag.


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