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I have a couple of candidate articles for submission to the VF Newsletter, if you have an editor (don't ask - it will be YOU if you do!)

Subject 1: Using Callback to Synchronize Visual Basic and a Visual Fortran DLL.

Includes a simple example of a VB form that calls a VF DLL to performs a lot of time-wasting calculations. The DLL uses an "AddrsOf" callback to periodically update status bars and allow Windows events to be serviced.

Subject 2: Using the profiler to measure performance and determine test coverage.

The current documentation lacks good examples and limits use of this powerful testing tool. This paper will include several batch files that run multiple tests and merge results. Also shows how to eliminate unwanted libraries from the measurement set.

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Sigh - I am the editor for the newsletter nowadays, though I get help from our technical writers who review the text and clean things up. Please feel free to send newsletter articles to me at

A general comment - if you want to contact me in particular, it's better to send e-mail than to post in this forum. My e-mail address is visible in my forum profile.


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Have you written a draft of the profiler article, yet? If so, could you send me one at

Many thanks,

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